The Saga

Hexagon is opening again from the 22nd of September.

Hexagon's club campaign
Hexagon's club campaign is open for all who want to play. We have premade characters, so if you come to a club night you can start playing at once. You don't need to have any previous experience with roleplaying games. These pages have a lot of information about the campaign, but you don't need to read it before playing.

These pages are in English because we have several members who don't speak Norwegian, but if you aren't comfortable playing in English, let the GMs know when you arrive.

Each club campaign starts in August, and runs until May or June.

This year's campaign: Sailing the Sea of Zipoctli

The Sea of Zipoctli is a place of myths and legends, the place where islands and realms of legends go when they are "elsewhere". Located on one of the permanent islands near the middle of the sea lies the base of operations of the Dragon's Claw Company, a band of mercenaries formed decades ago by the recently deceased Gold Toothed Garrig. Players in this saga are members of the Company, and undertake contracts dealing with the various troubles that may arise across the sea…

The campaign uses the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons. See character creation for a list of material permitted when making a character.

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